RTI Process & Forms

Step One:

When a concern about a student is brought up, the team of teachers identifies the area of concern and begins documentation of Tier I interventions (those that are a function of the general education classroom and are universal or available to all students).  Documentation should be collected on the Tier I Interventions Documentation form.  Data should be collected, showing at least six data points or six assessments of progress.


Step Two:

If student fails to make sufficient progress, the intervention team will meet to discuss an Action Plan.  The team of teachers should bring the following completed documents to the meeting:

At this meeting, the intervention team will complete the Action Plan, and establish the method of data collection.  A target date for review of the plan should also be determined.


Step Three:

If sufficient progress is not made and concerns persist at the review meeting, the intervention team will complete the:

RLOACS Tier_II_Action_Plan_Update.doc and then complete another Action Plan (for Tier_II  if different interventions are required or for Tier III, if the same interventions will be used, but intensity will increase).  A target date for review of the plan will be determined. 



Step Four:

At the final review meeting (once Tier III has been reached), the intervention team will determine the intervention status.  The intervention status options include:

  1. Problem resolved; exit Tier III
  2. Problem not resolved; redesign/modify interventions in Tier III
  3. Significant differences are documented; refer to Roxanne Adesso for Special Education review SCPCSD.









 RLOACS Intervention_Action_Plan.docx

 RLOACS Tier_I_Intervention_Document.doc

 RLOACS Tier_II_Action_Plan_Update.doc

 RLOACS Tier_II_Action_Plan_Update_1.doc




RtI blog..visit the blog for other support documents and support.  Post a comment if you have a question.

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