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The South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) was created through the South Carolina Charter School Act. The legislation created a legitimate avenue for parents, teachers, and community members to take responsible risks and create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children within the public school system. The goal of any charter school is to encourage academic excellence, educational improvement, and cultural diversity in South Carolina. The mission of the SCPCSD is to improve student learning and increase learning opportunities in South Carolina through the creation and implementation of innovative, high-quality charter schools. Ultimately, we strive to assist South Carolina in achieving and maintaining academic excellence.

After one year of planning and organizing, the SCPCSD had five charter schools open under its auspices in August 2008. In the 2009-10 school year seven schools operated in the district. An additional four more schools open in the district in 2010. At the start of the 2011-2012 school year, the district added two more schools to bring the current total to thirteen public charter schools. Additional public charter schools are approved for opening in 2012.

Enrollment doubled from the first year of operation to the second, going from 2,500 students to over 5,000 students. Since then, enrollment has doubled again. The schools of the district now have over 10,000 public school students, making the SCPCSD one of the largest districts in the state.

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